Danuca IP & Creative Law

Attorneys and legal advisors in Intellectual Property Law and other legal areas.

Each company has its own singularities, and each project has its own adequate protection measures. For this reason, at DANUCA we provide customized and close counseling to meet the needs and resources of each individual or company, through a high-quality, strategic and efficient professional service.

Industrial and intellectual property law.

Ee perform intellectual property audits as we understand that a company must know the legal status of its Industrial Property portfolio to consider the budgets needed for the maintenance of rights.

Corporate law.

We advise our clients in the planning of structures and the incorporation of civil or commercial companies; the opening and maintenance of corporate books; the issuance, circulation, and operation of stocks and shares.

Labor law.

We provide all kinds of consultancy services in labor matters, such as the development of policies and guidelines related to work organization in companies, and the enforcement and interpretation of labor laws and regulations.

About us.

DANUCA is a boutique firm of lawyers and advisors in Intellectual Property Law and other areas of law based in Mexico City.

While litigation is inevitable on many occasions, and we are prepared for it, it is our experience that our clients are not always looking for litigation or controversy.

We know that achieving their goals in the best possible time and cost is the most valuable thing for them, and that is why DANUCA is oriented to find the most effective and solution-oriented strategic ways.

Our experience, high qualification, and expertise make us different.

We specialize in Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, and Labor Law

We provide our professional services under a policy of excellence, with particular efforts to provide personal attention to each of our clients from the first contact until the conclusion of each business deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial property refers to the exclusive rights granted by the State to holders of patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, among others, to protect their inventions, creations, and distinctive signs

Intellectual property refers to copyrights, related rights, and industrial property rights, which protect the creativity and originality of literary, artistic, scientific, and technical works.

Trademark registration is made before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI, for its acronym in Spanish) and must comply with several requirements, such as originality and distinctiveness of the sign, among others.